There is a difference between watching Gordon Ramsey and actually trying to cook.  And there is a difference between being a CHEF and being a COOK.  And there is a difference between making something that’s hot and something that tastes good.  This blog is simply a “feed about food any dude can make”.  We use recipes to start, but play fast and loose with the instructions, adjusting for what we have in the pantry and how motivated we are.

Most posts here are easy recipes that any dude can figure out with a little salt and patience. We’re not cooks, chefs or pros, but we do like to cook. We post what we do, good or bad. Sometimes we try your recipes, too! To submit a recipe, click here.


About Gabe:

“I come from a family of cooks and chefs of various abilities and interests.  Growing up, I worked in my step-dad’s restaurant, barely keeping from getting fired because I had a habit of eating dinner rolls all night.  C’mon – I came straight from swim practice!

Now I’m coming off a few years of racing bicycles super fast and have some more time at home and on the weekends.  I use this to share my adventures in the kitchen with the aforementioned cooks and chefs of the family as well as other enthusiasts on the internet.

I’m always looking for inspiration!  Send me a recipe!