Spicy #fishtacos w/ #basamatirice #cilantro #beerbatter #chili

Spicy #fishtacos w/ #basamatirice #cilantro #beerbatter #chili
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This was a spicy treat. The white sauce was really good, even without the oregano. I didn’t have mayonnaise (what am I, German?) but I thinned the yogurt out with lime juice. I don’t know how much, but enough to make it the consistency I wanted.

For the rice I used left overs from last night then added chopped cilantro, lime juice and lime zest.

The fish in the beer batter was kind of mystery for me. The amount of ingredients made a lot of batter and even after I used most of a can of Yuengling the batter was still pretty thick. I forged ahead, though and battered the fish. Did I mention I used rainbow trout? The last time I made fish tacos I used trout from our backyard stream. This time I used store bought. I also kind of forgot the skin would be indelible when finished, so I fried everything and then peeled the skins off. I then put the fish back into the pan to brown it a bit. So, one side ended up battered and the other side ended up exposed.

What matters most is it tasted awesome. Really spicy, but the tomato and lime really cut it down to a nice sizzle in your mouth. I liked that better than relying on cheese to cool everything off.