2016 Thanksgiving Recipe Plans

I promised a few people a recipe list. It’s Tuesday night before Thanksgiving, so better late than never, right? 🙂


  • Kiwi Date Goat Cheese Bites. Amazingly enough, there are no images of this amazing finger-food on Dudes with Food, even though we’ve made them a few times.
  • Locks and Schmear Crostini. Haven’t made this before. My friend Rose told me about this, and it sounds pretty delicious, so I’m going to give it a spin. I really wanted to riff off Locks and Cream Cheese Bagels, so I’m doing smoked salmon locks over a cream cheese dabbed with a dot of hot sauce that Rose made herself. I’ll top it with scallions. You could make this more interesting by whipping a few flavors into the cream cheese or making a topping for the salmon like a mustard roe sauce, but we have many things to accomplish Thursday.

First Course

Main Course

  • Pan Roasted Cornish Game Hens. This is all about the brine. The brining process only takes a few hours, but I can start this Wednesday night.
  • Perfect Mashed Potatoes. I learned a few things from Masterchef this season, and Ramsay’s mashed potatoes recipe is one of them. The most involved part is developing the flavored cream, which is something my sister, Maggie, taught me.
  • Braised Root Vegetables. This recipe is an American Test Kitchen recipe. I need to refine it, but it works well.
  • Seared Candied Brussel Sprouts. Something my dad makes with bacon. My wife doesn’t really like bacon (weird!), so I sometimes used dates. I’ll probably candy these with maple syrup and an orange citrus reduction. Maybe a little brandy!
  • Cranberry Apple Orange Sauce. Since I’ll already be reducing oranges for the Brussel sprouts, this sauce seems relevant. Add Apple Cider to the orange reduction, dried cranberries and reduce by a third or more. Add some cornstarch if you want it thickened.
  • Bread. Kacey usually makes bread. I may give a go at some rolls.
  • Honey Butter. This is super easy. Stick of butter and a tablespoon of honey in the mixer for a while. Add some salt if it’s too sweet.


  • Apple Tart with Vanilla Cream. Frech Vanilla Ice Cream is optional. The hardest part for me is the crust, but I have store bought backups!